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Former UGA football player charged with domestic violence

Certain criminal charges can lead to negative long term consequences, one of which could be the loss of a job. Very few charges carry the same social stigma as domestic violence. Even when an individual is later adjudicated innocent, the social and economic toll can be difficult to recover from. Recently, a college defensive lineman was permanently sidelined for alleged off the field activities.

The student-athlete is no longer a part of the Crimson Tide football program. He was recently dismissed from the team after domestic violence charges. He has been charged with domestic violence third-degree assault and domestic third-degree criminal mischief. This is the second domestic violence arrest for young man, as he was previously dismissed from the University of Georgia for an alleged assault on his girlfriend.

It is important to note that the student has not been found guilty of the crime for which he has been accused. However, the University of Alabama football program has dismissed him, citing the agreement that brought the football player to the university. A school spokesman has stated that his case has been referred to judicial affairs. The athletic director for the Crimson Tide stated violent conduct from anyone in the athletic department will not be tolerated.

The integrity of the judicial system requires that each defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Defendants must consider mounting a strong defense to protect their rights. If a temporary restraining order is in place, it may be necessary to petition the court to have it removed or modified to prevent additional damage to an individual’s reputation. The right legal counsel can help create an effective defense to protect a defendant’s constitutional rights.

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