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Don’t get caught up in a Labor Day DUI dragnet

If you are like most Georgians, you’re likely hoping to dodge any stray hurricane winds from neighboring states and enjoy the upcoming Labor Day weekend. There certainly is nothing wrong with pulling out all the stops for an end-of-summer bash, but it’s important to remember that law enforcement will be out in droves enforcing Georgia’s drunk driving laws.

As reported today by the state Department of Public Safety (DPS), law enforcement officers with both the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) and troopers with the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) are carrying out high visibility patrols to deter impaired and unsafe motorists from driving.

The campaign covers all Georgia roads

Don’t think if you just avoid the interstates that you’ll be fine driving after a few beers or cocktails. Police will be patrolling secondary roads as well. The intent of the increased police presence is to avoid the high number of tragedies that occurred in Georgia during the Labor Day weekend in 2022.

Then, nine people lost their lives in 472 collisions, while another 243 suffered injuries. Further, police arrested 324 drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Good people make bad decisions

No one intends to drive drunk or get arrested for a DUI. As the DPS suggests, it is far better to arrange for a sober ride with a rideshare company or a designated driver. But if you do wind up getting arrested for DUI here in Georgia, you need to understand the options you have to present a robust defense to the charges.


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