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Traffic stop leads to the arrest of 3 for drug crimes

If you’re caught with drugs, it’s likely that you will face drug charges. This is true even if you’re just passing through the state.

Take, for example, this situation. Police in Georgia stopped three people for a number of drug charges after performing a traffic stop for a violation committed on Georgia State Route 53 north. The officer stopped the vehicle for an expired tag.

It’s not clear how the authorities found the drugs the men inside the vehicle allegedly had in their possession. The driver, 38, was accused of driving with an expired license before accusations of possessing both marijuana and methamphetamine. One passenger, 42, was also accused of possessing those drugs. Another, 38, was accused of possessing heroin as well as the other two substances.

Now, the men face charges. One is a misdemeanor for possessing marijuana, and the other is for the felony possession of meth. The third passenger faces those charges as well as charges for the possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.

A traffic stop could lead to additional charges

In a typical situation, getting pulled over for expired tags would possibly lead to a ticket or warning. However, someone who drives with an expired license could find themselves facing harsher penalties for that. If any drugs are in the officer’s line of sight, or if the driver or passengers appear intoxicated or impaired, then that could possibly lead to further investigation.

If you are stopped by an officer and have your vehicle searched or are accused of possessing drugs, it’s worth taking time to defend yourself. Drug-related charges can be serious and lead to time in prison and significant fines.


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