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How does a Georgia DUI conviction affect your license?

If you get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, you are likely going to have a number of different legal consequences if you plead guilty or get convicted. Most people worry primarily about how jail time or probation might affect their future. Others focus their concerns on the impact that a criminal record could have their education, their housing and their career.

Criminal records and criminal penalties like incarceration, community service and probation are real concerns for those facing a DUI charge, but license penalties are also something you can’t ignore. License suspensions are standard for those convicted of a DUI.

Losing your ability to just hop in your car and go somewhere can really complicate your life. Particularly if you have a lengthy commute for your job or if you have family members who are dependent on you for travel to school or to medical appointments, losing your license can be a source of hardship for you and the people that you love. How long will you be without a license after a conviction?

The length of the suspension depends on your previous record

In Georgia, the suspension of your license is a progressive penalty which means that you will have more significant penalties if you have previous DUI charges in your background. A first-time DUI can result in a license suspension of up to a year. A second DUI charge carries a potential suspension of up to three years if that second offense occurs within five years of your first conviction or guilty plea.

If you get arrested for a third DUI within five years of the second, that will likely mean losing your license for a full five years.

Some people may qualify for hardship license thing

If you meet certain criteria, it is possible to potentially secure a hardship license, also known as a limited driving permit, during your suspension. That permit will only allow you to travel to and from work, school or similarly important obligations.

Fighting back against charges and pushing to reinstate your license can both be legal tactics that help minimize the negative impact of a DUI charge on your life.


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