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Allegedly impaired driver collides with police vehicle on Interstate 1-285

When you make a mistake behind the wheel, the last thing you want is for that mistake to injure someone else. You especially don’t want to involve the police when possible. Unfortunately, if you do collide with a police cruiser or sports utility vehicle (SUV), you could end up facing DUI charges, reckless driving charges or others. 

Take for example this case in which a driver has been charged for driving while impaired after leaving the roadway and hitting a parked police SUV. The impact was so fast and forceful that the officer who was standing behind the SUV was thrown into a nearby guardrail.

That officer, along with others, was performing a traffic stop and DUI investigation when another driver collided with the police vehicle. The woman they were already investigating was thrown over the guardrail, and the officer ended up knocked into the rail and onto the ground. The officer was injured, but no one else was seriously harmed. Nothing in the news report indicates why the officers have claimed that the second driver was impaired. 

In cases like this, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and believe that a driver who made a mistake was impaired. If you fail to move over for law enforcement or collide with vehicles on the side of the road, you could be accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well. In that case, it’s smart to talk to your attorney about building a defense. A DUI conviction can have lasting implications in your life. You may end up with fines and even prison time if you are found guilty. A good defense could help you stay out of jail and avoid a DUI conviction.


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