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Fake gun leads to aggravated assault charge for man

Airsoft guns are a hot topic of debate around the globe. Some countries have banned them altogether due to their uncanny resemblance to an actual firearm. In the United States, airsoft guns are required to have a bright orange tip on the end of the barrel to identify them as such. It is illegal to remove the orange tip, and anyone committing a crime using or portraying an airsoft gun as a real weapon is subject to punishment just as if a real weapon was used.

A 24-year-old Loganville man has been charged with aggravated assault after threatening a co-worker with an airsoft gun. Though he claims it was only intended to be a joke, the orange tip had been removed from the weapon so that it could not be determined to be fake. A female co-worker claims that the man had been aggravating her earlier, and she finally told him to leave her alone. He returned about 10 minutes later, at which time she again told him to leave. It was at that time he brandished the weapon and said “Why are you so freaking mean to me?” Then, speaking with what she claims to have been an angry face, he proceeded to state “I’m sick of your (expletive).”

The store manager fired the man and called 911. When authorities arrived, he was arrested and taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center. He was released the following day on a bond of $3,600.

These types of situations can lead to a very serious criminal charge that could affect the rest of your life. Seeking the assistance of qualified attorney can be very helpful for individuals in such situations as the guidance can help bring a clearer understanding of what’s at stake and how to possibly move forward in the most opportune way.


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