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Crimes that affect employment in Georgia

Some crimes committed in the state of Georgia can affect both future, as well as current, employment. These crimes are especially relevant to employment in higher level, professional positions such as bankers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, attorneys, and other such positions in which trust is a large factor. They are known as “moral turpitude” crimes, and include a long list of offenses. A current or potential employer can decide to terminate or deny employment if a person has been convicted of such.

First, let’s define moral turpitude. Georgia courts have deemed that the term is so clear, a trial judge need not even mention it unless specifically requested. In a legal setting, the word “turpitude” means anything that contradicts justice, honesty, modesty or good morals. Since most of you already know what a moral is, we place the two words together to determine that a crime of moral turpitude is, in its simplest explanation, a crime that would go against what we know is right.

Some of the offenses considered to be crimes of this nature include fraud, murder, theft, soliciting prostitutes, possession or sale of illegal drugs, tax fraud, bad checks, DUI, public intoxication, assault, obstructing justice, and child abandonment just to name a few. As you can see, these are all crimes in which not only morals, but also trust is a factor.

If you have been denied employment, or terminated from a job due to a crime of moral turpitude, an experienced criminal attorney can review your case with you to make sure none of your rights were violated. If they have been, he or she can assist in taking the necessary steps to clear your name and possible reinstate your employment.


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