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Numerous factors can impact BAC levels

Going out for drinks is an enjoyable way to pass the time for many people. You and your friends or loved ones can chat and catch up over some beer, wine, whiskey or other alcoholic beverages of your choice. You could have such a good time that you may attribute your feelings of happiness and lack of inhibition to the company of your friends rather than the drinks you consumed.

While this feeling may allow you to store the get-together as a fond memory, that memory could turn sour if you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and end up stopped by a police officer. Though you may think your ability to drive was not affected by your drinks, an officer may think differently, and your blood alcohol concentration level may also tell a different story.

Blood alcohol content

Officers and other legal professionals often use BAC levels to determine whether individuals have driven while intoxicated. This level measures the amount of alcohol in your blood as a percentage. In all states, including Georgia, the per se BAC level is .08 percent, which means that you could face an arrest and possible DUI conviction if your percentage reaches this level, even if you show no other signs of impairment.

Impacts on BAC

Your BAC level could easily differ from someone else’s, even if you consumed the same number of drinks and types of drinks. Many factors can impact concentration levels, such as:

  • Gender – Women have a lower level of water content in their bodies, and because of alcohol’s water-soluble nature, this lower level causes their blood alcohol content levels to reach higher points more quickly than men. Additionally, the amount of certain stomach enzymes in women’s bodies compared to men’s can also affect this level.
  • Age – Though you may have had the ability to down several drinks in your younger years without much impact, less alcohol can leave you feeling more intoxicated and result in a higher percentage of alcohol in your blood as you get older.
  • Emotions – Even your emotional state at the time of consumption could impact what level your BAC reaches. If you feel stressed, you may not absorb alcohol as quickly into the bloodstream. However, once you calm down, your BAC could increase rapidly.

Numerous other details could also have an impact on your blood alcohol content. Therefore, you may wish to remain conscious of how much you consume. If you do end up facing charges for DUI despite feeling able enough to drive, you may wish to consider your legal options for defending against the allegations.


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