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Understanding the different types of domestic violence

There are a number of different types of domestic crimes, and understanding what they are is important for those accused of such a crime. Physical abuse is the type of abuse most commonly associated with domestic violence, but there are several types of abuse that are considered domestic abuse. Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse and violence.

Physical violence that is considered domestic violence does not necessary have to include serious physical harm and includes the use of physical force. Emotional abuse involves diminishing the self worth of the individual the abuse is aimed at. Psychological abuse involves the use of fear, intimidation and threats. Sexual abuse can include harassment, sexual assault and rape, and it is commonly defined broadly enough to include unwelcome sexual behaviors. Financial abuse can take many forms and is used to control the individual the abuse is directed at.

The legal process provides resources for those experiencing domestic violence to obtain protective and restraining orders and for those faced with domestic violence accusations and charges. For individuals accused of domestic violence, the impact of the allegations can be significant, as domestic violence can have a significant impact on families and communities as well. It is possible for individuals accused of domestic violence to challenges the accusations they are facing but it is important for them to know how to do so.

A strong criminal defense strategy following domestic violence accusations and allegations is important for any individual facing domestic violence charges. It is important for any individual accused of a crime to understand how the criminal justice process works and how to respond to the charges they are facing using the resources it provides.


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