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Three arrested in Georgia for attempted robbery and other charges

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of robbery charges, emphasizing the importance for accused individuals to understand that criminal defense options may be available in any situation when criminal charges are involved. While it might be difficult to fully assess your situation, defendants are afforded the ability to challenge evidence and seek reduced or dismissed charges.

According to recent reports, three accused individuals were recently arrested in a Georgia community a few hours south of the Gwinnett area following an alleged attempted robbery. Three individuals, including a 21-year old woman, 19-year old man and 15-year old juvenile male, from another state were arrested following what police described as a high speed chase.

According to authorities, the two men attempted to steal a woman’s purse at Walmart but were not successful in their attempt. Authorities then chased them to a wooded area, with guns drawn, where they were ultimately apprehended by police. According to police, one of the accused individuals had a gun as they exited the vehicle and headed for the woods. The trio was charged with criminal attempted robbery by purse snatching, auto theft by receiving stolen property and attempting to flee or elude police.

It is important for individuals accused of a crime, such as robbery or another serious criminal charge, to be familiar with the criminal justice process. It can be different for juveniles versus adults, and the process includes many important protections and rights for accused individuals to be familiar with. Development of a strong criminal defense strategy, based on the unique circumstances and situation the accused individual is facing, can be critical to avoiding harsh penalties and consequences or at least minimizing the impact of criminal charges.

Criminal defendants need to know how to respond to criminal charges during what can be an overwhelming criminal justice process. Accused individuals have resources and protections on their side that may be able to help, so it is imperative they take the time to become aware of these rights and options..


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