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Addressing domestic violence concerns for families

Violence among family members and significant others can be a complicated issue for all parties involved. Domestic violence can include physical abuse, threats of abuse and stalking behaviors. When an alleged domestic violence incident has taken place, the party alleged to have committed the domestic abuse is required to leave the home, may not be permitted to return and can not have contact with their family in some circumstances.

Domestic violence situations and charges can have a significant impact on the personal lives of all parties involved and may also impact their employment and other aspects of their lives, including their freedom. Both individuals accused of domestic violence and those who have experienced domestic violence have legal options to consider. Any individual accused of any crime, including domestic violence, has criminal defense options to consider.

Criminal defense options are always available to individuals accused of domestic violence. Defendants can challenge the evidence being used against them or circumstances surrounding the alleged situation. In addition, for those who have experienced domestic violence, protective orders may be available to help keep them safe from the party alleged to have committed domestic violence. The legal process provides different resources for families with different needs and in different situations.

Family violence impacts couples, families and communities and can be a challenging concern for them, which is why all parties involved should be familiar with how the legal process can help them. The legal process provides resources to help families address and respond to domestic violence concerns when they take place and offers options to meets the needs of all parties concerned.


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