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Women arrested in Georgia on drug charges after traffic stop

Two women were recently arrested in Georgia on drug charges after being pulled over by police. According to authorities, the traffic stop in a nearby Georgia community approximately an hour northwest of the Gwinnett area resulted in the police officers allegedly finding drugs. According to a jail report, a 27-year-old woman was driving a truck and was stopped at an intersection without headlights on. Authorities allegedly recovered white pills and several bags of marijuana packaged for sale, along with a set of scales. The white pills were believed to be Lortab.

The woman was charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of Schedule II drugs, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, possession of drugs not in an original container and additional traffic violations. The 52-year-old passenger in the truck allegedly had methamphetamine and a glass pipe in the storage compartment of the door next to the passenger seat. The passenger was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug-related objects. Both women were in jail following their arrests for drug charges.

Individuals accused of drug crimes have legal protections to consider. Whenever a traffic stop takes place, there are important procedures police are required to follow that are designed to protect the rights of accused individuals. If the procedures are not followed, or the rights of the accused individuals are violated, it may provide a basis to dispute the evidence and charges, including drug charges, that may result against an accused individual.

Facing drug charges should not be taken lightly, which is why accused individuals should thoroughly understand their rights and the protections available to them. When facing criminal charges, it is essential to be familiar with the protections the criminal justice system affords us all.

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