As is true of all criminal charges, robbery charges are serious charges for anyone to be facing. For individuals facing robbery charges, and perhaps their families, they may wonder what criminal defense options are available in response to robbery charges. It is important to keep in mind that criminal defense options are always available to accused individuals who always have the right to defend against the charges they are facing.

There are generally two ways to approach a criminal defense. The first method is to demonstrate that it has not been proven that the accused individual committed a crime. Alternately, depending on the circumstances, affirmative defenses are defenses that may acknowledge certain facts but demonstrate that the accused individual is not guilty for another reason. Depending on the state and the circumstances, certain intoxication defenses may be possible. In addition, in some situations, an accused individual may be able to defend against the charges they are facing based on either an entrapment defense or a duress defense.

It is important to understand that each criminal defense strategy is unique and based on the unique circumstances faced by the accused individual. Keeping in mind that it is possible to attack evidence being used against the accused individual when it was illegally obtained based on a violation of the accused individual’s rights or protective procedures in place that are designed to protect individuals accused of a crime. It may also be possible to attack eye witness accounts or identifications and other forms of evidence being used against the accused individual.

Individuals charged with criminal offenses, including robbery, should always be aware that it is their right to defend against the charges they are facing and to develop a property crimes defense. It is equally important for accused individuals to be familiar with particular defense options when faced with the serious threat of criminal charges.

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