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Alleged underage drinker charged with DUI

Summer is a time for making good memories with family and friends. This past week a family from out of state made a memory that they wish they could forget. A devastating car crash caused by an alleged drunk driver has forever altered the composition of one family. A 20-year-old now faces several DUI charges for the accident.

The head-on collision occurred on Interstate 75 in Georgia. The 20-year-old driver of the Ford pickup truck was reportedly headed north in a southbound lane. Unable to avoid the accident, a car going the right way collided with the pickup and three people from the other car were killed. The 20-year-old driver of the truck was said to be driving under a suspended license. He faces three counts of first-degree vehicular homicide for this accident. He was also charged with serious injury with a vehicle, reckless driving on the wrong side of the road, possession of an open container, possession of alcohol by a minor and driving with a suspended license.

The defendant in this case was on probation for another DUI case in Clayton County. A repeat DUI offender may be charged with felony DUI in the state of Georgia. A felony brings a potential for a longer prison sentence and loss of certain rights. For example, convicted felons may be unable to vote. Heavy fines and high insurance rates could also be consequences of a felony.

If facing a felony DUI, a defendant should seek criminal defense counsel. No matter how dire the case, a defense attorney may be able to mitigate the damage of the charges. Evidence should be not be gathered against any defendant in violation of their Constitutional rights. A defense attorney will work hard to see that your rights are protected.

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