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Football player’s wife speaks out on domestic violence claims

Georgia residents may be interested to hear that the woman that had become the face of domestic violence finally got her chance to speak. Janay Rice, now-wife of professional football player Ray Rice, gave her side of the story on NBC’s Today show. This interview comes on the heels of the arbitrator’s decision to throw out her husband’s indefinite suspension from the National Football League. Former U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones deemed the lifetime suspension an abuse of discretion.

Janay Rice revealed that the incident in the elevator was the first time Ray Rice had ever hit her. She stressed that she was not an abused partner. Janay Rice said that if Ray Rice had repeatedly abused her she would not have remained in the relationship. It was not her intention to ever let her child observe her being abused. Though the incident put a strain on her relationship, Janay Rice said that she never considered leaving Ray Rice. She knew that what happened in the elevator was not who he was.

On the matter of what was told to commissioner Goodell, she said Ray Rice was very honest. She called Goodell’s claim that he was mislead by Ray Rice to be an untrue statement. Now that the indefinite suspension has been lifted, Janay Rice believes that Ray Rice will find another team eventually. She believes that it will take some work on his part but in the end she feels his talent will win him a spot on a team.

As Janay and Ray Rice work to rebuild their lives post-controversy, individuals who are accused of domestic violence in Georgia must determine how to proceed to protect their reputation and their freedom. Those accused of domestic violence may face a temporary restraining order or a protective order. A criminal law attorney may be able to help those accused of domestic violence understand the allegations they face and develop a plan.

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