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Destiny’s Child alum faces criminal charges

At one time, she was a member of the popular singing group Destiny’s Child. Instead of a glamorous press release of a new hit single, however, Farrah Franklin can now add a mug shot to her social media profile. The former Destiny’s Child singer has largely managed to stay out of the spotlight since her five-month stint with the group ended. However, her recent South Carolina arrest has brought Franklin back into the news.

Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct in Horry County, South Carolina. The 33-year-old singer was taken into custody during the early hours of a Sunday morning. Authorities believe that alcohol may have played a role in Ms. Franklin’s actions. Franklin was released later on Sunday after paying a small bond. No further information is available concerning the incident at this time.

Farrah Franklin is a public figure; therefore, her arrest made national news. However, you don’t have to be a public figure to feel the negative effects of an arrest on your reputation. Even before a defendant has the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations, he or she may face loss of employment, harassment, or damage to one’s reputation as a result of an arrest.

Anyone facing criminal charges should seek the counsel of a qualified criminal attorney. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony charge, an effective criminal defense strategy is needed. In addition to providing a strong defense, an attorney also can help mitigate the other negative consequences that may result from a criminal charge.

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