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September 2015 Archives

Georgia elementary school burglary

The three "R's" of education are known as reading, writing and arithmetic. Georgia police have added a new "R," recovery, after a botched burglary at an elementary school. The burglary comes on the heels of another theft in the parking lot of the school, though, the identity of the alleged parking lot burglar is not known at this time.

Identity theft in Georgia

The Consumer Trade Commission listed one issue as the most frequently reported complaint: identity theft. Credit card theft can often lead to a loss of identity. Once a Georgian becomes a victim of identity theft, another person can make purchase, open lines of credit and even rent an apartment with another person's financial information.

Former Georgia cop facing federal theft charges

Permanently depriving someone of their property is the foundation of a theft charge. For a theft charge to lead to a conviction, the property much be seized from the other person and the intent must be clearly proven. Georgia theft crimes can involve a variety of things that includes money. A former Georgia police officer knows this more than most as he is currently facing federal theft charges.

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