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Lawrenceville Criminal Law Blog

Football recruit released after domestic violence charge

Domestic incidents involving violence are a serious concern for families and are treated as such by the legal process. But when it comes to allegations of domestic violence, this does not only impact the individual being charged following the incident, but it can also have a negative effect on loved ones involved in the incident. This could even strain the relationship, resulting in a harmed personal and professional reputation as well.

According to recent reports, a football recruit was recently released by the University of Georgia following an arrest for 2 different misdemeanor charges, including one charge of simple battery. Following an incident involving a Georgia living just east of the Gwinnett area, the football recruit was arrested for simple battery and criminal trespass. The football recruit was later released on bond.

Knowledge of options is crucial when facing drug charges

Circumstances can sometimes lead to situations that are less than desirable and may result in criminal charges. In addition, there are times that the police may not follow all the required procedures designed to protect the rights of the accused individual. In circumstances of drug possession and drug trafficking, accused offenders can face harsh penalties and consequences, which is why they should be familiar with criminal justice resources.

Criminal charges for possession of drugs with an intent to distribute include felony charges for possessing any amount of a controlled substance such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or ecstasy, possessing an unlawfully obtained prescription for a narcotic such as Oxycotin, Percocet or Vicodin or possessing an ounce of marijuana or greater. A combination of smaller amounts of several drugs or certain amounts of a drug may be charged as possession with the intent to distribute which is a serious charge.

Busted at a bus stop

It is already spring, but the school year doesn't end for a couple of months. As summer approaches, drivers may get complacent about the presence of school buses, and children may be careless when crossing the street. Nevertheless, Georgia school bus laws are strict, and rightly so.

Each year, drivers kill 19 children by illegally passing school buses. Most of these children are no older than seven. If you recently received a ticket for passing a school bus, it may be because you were unfamiliar with state laws for what to do when a bus stops to pick up or drop off students.

License reinstatement in Georgia following a DUI

Having a driver's license can be important for daily life and for getting to work. If a license has been suspended because of a DUI charge, it can be important for the accused individual to understand the license reinstatement process. In Georgia, those convicted of Driving Under the Influence, possessing illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle and some other charges are required to participate a DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction program.

There are two components to the DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction intervention program. The two components include an assessment component and an intervention component. To receive a certificate of completion, both components of the program must be successfully completed. The course is 20 hours long and can be completed in a week in many circumstances. In some circumstances, if the individual has had their license suspended as a result of two or more DUI convictions in the past ten years, they will be required to complete a clinical evaluation.

What are underage DUI laws in Georgia?

Underage drinking and driving laws can be especially serious, which is why young people, their parents and others may wonder what the underage drunk driving laws are in Georgia. There are different standards for what is considered driving under the influence for drivers who are under the legal drinking age. Because the legal limit to drive is so much lower for underage drinkers, it is important to be familiar with the differences in the law.

For underage drivers, the level at which a driver is considered impaired in Georgia is 0.02 blood alcohol content or higher. For drivers over age 21, they can face DUI charges if driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher. The penalties and consequences for underage drunk driving in Georgia can be significant. For a first time offense, the accused underage individual is charged with a misdemeanor and is required to participate in an alcohol risk reduction program, could receive a fine up to $1,000, could face time in jail up to 12 months and may receive up to 40 hours of community service.

Man faces theft charges in Gwinnett following alleged robbery

Criminal defense rights apply in any situation when an individual has been accused of a crime. There are a variety of different criminal defense strategies and it is important for an accused individual to understand how those strategies relate to their situation.

According to recent reports, a 25-year old man is currently being held without bail in Gwinnett County on charges of theft and receiving stolen property related to an alleged armed robbery. The man is accused of taking 79 cell phones and other electronic devices, totaling greater than $2,000 in value, from a store. The arrest warrant was sealed by the judge and an assistant prosecutor was asked why the man was facing theft charges but not robbery charges, however, no response was provided due to the ongoing investigation.

Why did Georgia suspend my driver's license?

Nowadays, it's almost unimaginable to think of carrying out your daily tasks and duties without the use of a motor vehicle. This would likely prove as challenging as navigating life without the internet. Let's face it. Georgia isn't exactly a geographical hub for other types of public transportation such as subway or bus systems. Sure, some exist, but it's far more common in this state to see people driving their own vehicles to reach their destinations.

Many people (perhaps you included) get pulled over by police a time or two (or more). Some situations lead to the suspension of your driver's license, which causes all sorts of complications and problems in your life. If you're worried about a particular situation, it might help to review a list of various reasons why the state might revoke or suspend your driver's license.

Understanding the basics of robbery charges

Theft and property crimes are serious charges for any accused person to face. In many states, robbery is defined as the theft or larceny of property or money through the use of physical force or fear. When a deadly weapon is used in the robbery or an injury is suffered in the commission of the robbery, the accused individual may face armed robbery charges, which can be particularly serious.

Most states have statutes defining robbery, but robbery generally includes several elements. The elements of robbery are most commonly defined as: the taking of property or money of another with the intent to steal; the taking must have been from the person or in their presence; the taking must have been against the other party's will and obtained through violence, intimidation or the threat of force.

The legal process helps families address domestic violence

Domestic violence can be a challenging issue for families and communities. There are important resources available to both individuals accused of domestic violence and those who have suffered from it. For example, following an alleged domestic violence incident, temporary protective orders are often filed, which require the individual accused of domestic violence to be removed from the family home.

The consequences and potential penalties associated with domestic violence charges can have an impact on the rest of an accused individual's life. Likewise, continuing abuse can have a significant impact on families and the parties involved. As a result, it is important to understand the process of obtaining legal protection in domestic violence situations and for individuals accused of domestic violence to understand their criminal defense options and legal rights as well.

Twenty-two facing drug charges in Gwinnett County

It is important for accused individuals to understand the criminal defense options available to them in order to reduce the charges or penalties. The Gwinnett County Police Department Gang Task Force recently led an operation that resulted in the arrests of 22 people on drug and other criminal charges. Several law enforcement agencies were involved. A recent search of a duplex allegedly discovered a variety of drugs, including cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, Hydrocodone and Tramadol, along with seven guns. An earlier shooting led authorities to the duplex.

The individuals arrested range in age from 20 to 57 and include both men and women. The charges against the accused individuals range from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to felony intent to distribute Schedule III and IV drugs. Of the accused individuals arrested, 14 of the 22 face felony charges. Other charges against the accused individuals may still be pending.

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