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Lawrenceville Criminal Law Blog

Understanding the different types of domestic violence

There are a number of different types of domestic crimes, and understanding what they are is important for those accused of such a crime. Physical abuse is the type of abuse most commonly associated with domestic violence, but there are several types of abuse that are considered domestic abuse. Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse and violence.

Physical violence that is considered domestic violence does not necessary have to include serious physical harm and includes the use of physical force. Emotional abuse involves diminishing the self worth of the individual the abuse is aimed at. Psychological abuse involves the use of fear, intimidation and threats. Sexual abuse can include harassment, sexual assault and rape, and it is commonly defined broadly enough to include unwelcome sexual behaviors. Financial abuse can take many forms and is used to control the individual the abuse is directed at.

Seeking guidance when a ticket fine is the least of your worries

Many individuals rely on the ability to drive to reach important destinations, such as work. Perhaps you do not live within walking distance of your place of employment. If so, losing your driving privileges could cause you to be unable to retain your position, which can have devastating consequences. This is just one example of how a traffic violation might disrupt your daily life.

If issued a traffic ticket for an alleged offense, such as reckless driving, you will likely wish to protect your driving privileges, but you may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Depending on the circumstances, you might be able to challenge the ticket and avoid such a potential disaster.

Three arrested in Georgia for attempted robbery and other charges

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of robbery charges, emphasizing the importance for accused individuals to understand that criminal defense options may be available in any situation when criminal charges are involved. While it might be difficult to fully assess your situation, defendants are afforded the ability to challenge evidence and seek reduced or dismissed charges.

According to recent reports, three accused individuals were recently arrested in a Georgia community a few hours south of the Gwinnett area following an alleged attempted robbery. Three individuals, including a 21-year old woman, 19-year old man and 15-year old juvenile male, from another state were arrested following what police described as a high speed chase.

What are robbery charges and penalties in Georgia?

In Georgia, it is important to understand that theft laws make it illegal to take property from another party through the threat or use of force. There may be questions out there concerning what types of circumstances may constitute robbery in Georgia, and it is important to understand the criminal charges associated with robbery.

An accused individual may be charged with robbery in Georgia if they have been accused of taking money or property from another party against that party's will through violence, force, intimidation or threats of violence or the use of force. Armed robbery charges may be brought against an accused individual if they are accused of taking money, property or something of value from another party by force or threats of bodily harm but do so using a weapon. Additional robbery charges may also apply depending on the circumstances.

Addressing domestic violence concerns for families

Violence among family members and significant others can be a complicated issue for all parties involved. Domestic violence can include physical abuse, threats of abuse and stalking behaviors. When an alleged domestic violence incident has taken place, the party alleged to have committed the domestic abuse is required to leave the home, may not be permitted to return and can not have contact with their family in some circumstances.

Domestic violence situations and charges can have a significant impact on the personal lives of all parties involved and may also impact their employment and other aspects of their lives, including their freedom. Both individuals accused of domestic violence and those who have experienced domestic violence have legal options to consider. Any individual accused of any crime, including domestic violence, has criminal defense options to consider.

The elements of shoplifting and what to do if accused

When an individual takes something that does not belong to them, this could result in a theft charge. In general, shoplifting refers to the theft of merchandise from a store or business. Shoplifting falls into the category of larceny crimes. Larceny crimes include taking the property of another without their permission and with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property that was taken. Shoplifting charges can depend on the value of the property that was shoplifted. In addition, depending on the state and situation, shoplifting charges may be felony or misdemeanor charges and are charged according to different degrees. The penalties and consequences associated with larceny and shoplifting crimes can be serious.

Individuals accused of shoplifting may be charged according to larceny statutes or various shoplifting statutes, depending on the state. Though they may vary, shoplifting statues generally include two elements. The elements of a shoplifting charge include willfully concealing or taking possession of items being offered for sale and the intent to deprive the rightful owner, which is commonly the store, of possession of the items without paying the purchase price for them.

Law enforcement in Georgia cracks down on drunk driving

Drunk driving charges can have serious repercussions for individuals facing them. Authorities throughout Georgia are cracking down on drunk drivers and are making a number of drunk driving arrests. When a suspected drunk driver is arrested, he or she must go through a set of tests to confirm this suspicion. And a defendant facing a DUI could challenge the results of a field sobriety test and a breath or blood test.

Based on recent reports, the Georgia State Patrol, which is posted a couple of hours east of the Gwinnett area, made 319 drunk driving arrests and has made the arrests a priority. Law enforcement are watching for drivers who are speeding, driving to slowly, weaving between lanes, stopping too far in advance of a stop sign or stopping too far into an intersection. Drivers accused of drunk driving can face significant penalties and serious consequences associated with drunk driving charges. It is important for individuals accused of drunk driving to be aware of the different types of evidence related to drunk driving charges that may be used against them.

Vague "move over" laws confuse drivers

Driving on Georgia highways is not always easy. In many areas, congested traffic makes travel frustrating, and your daily commute may leave you tense and agitated when you finally arrive home from work. However, for those who work in emergency services and utility response, arriving home safely is their most fervent hope.

An increasing number of police, rescue workers, utility personnel and sanitation workers lose their lives in the line of duty when motorists fail to slow down. Because of this, Georgia and numerous other states have enacted move over laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, you risk stiff penalties.

Three men charged with robbery in Georgia

Theft charges are serious charges that can carry significant penalties. Thus, those accused of a theft charge such as robbery, should understand the charges they are facing, what consequences could result and ways a defendant could reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

According to reports, three men were recently arrested in Georgia following the robbery of a 49-year old man by masked men that reportedly threatened he man with firearms. The man said that money was stolen from him by the men dressed in dark clothing, asserting that one was carrying a rifle and the others were carrying handguns. The alleged suspects in the robbery were last seen running down the street following the robbery.

What is domestic violence?

This blog recently discussed the serious issue of domestic violence and the protections available for everyone involved in a family or domestic violence situation. It is important to understand what domestic violence is and the resources that are available to individuals involved in it or impacted by allegations of of the crime.

Domestic abuse can take a variety of forms, and it is imperative to be familiar with all of them. While it is the most common behavior associated with the term domestic violence, physical abuse is not the only type of domestic abuse. Additional domestic violence behaviors include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, threats, stalking and cyberstalking. There are many ways that domestic violence can take place and a variety of different people from different walks of life may be involved in family violence situations.

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