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Former Georgia cop facing federal theft charges

Permanently depriving someone of their property is the foundation of a theft charge. For a theft charge to lead to a conviction, the property much be seized from the other person and the intent must be clearly proven. Georgia theft crimes can involve a variety of things that includes money. A former Georgia police officer knows this more than most as he is currently facing federal theft charges.

The charges surround overtime hours that may not have been worked by the defendant. A federal grand jury indicted the former Savannah-Chatham police officer for claiming unworked hours. The overtime hours in dispute occurred from 2010-2013. The overtime work totaled almost $20,000 in payments.

It is alleged that the hours were billed for work not done with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The payments were paid by the Justice Department. Prior to this indictment, he was fired by the police department for allegations of stolen cash and other items.

This former police officer is facing serious charges. Theft can quickly go from petty theft to a grand theft offense. Petty theft in Georgia occurs when an item valued at less than $500 is taken. Grand theft applies to items over $500 and is classified as a felony.

Serious criminal charges can adversely affect an individual’s future. Theft punishments include jail, a criminal record or fine. For defendants that are in school or university, a theft crime may adversely affect an individual’s ability to continue their education. If charged with a theft crime, it is important to hire experienced legal counsel to protect your legal interests.

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