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Modifying Child Custody And Support

When child custody and child support arrangements are originally set forth, they are meant to fit the circumstances of the parties involved. If those circumstances change, then the arrangement can be changed as well.

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Child Support Laws Have Changed Significantly

Recent changes to child support laws have made it possible for many parents to seek modifications to their current child support arrangements. Previously, child support was calculated simply as a portion of the income of the parent who didn’t have primary child custody. The income of the custodial parent was not a factor, and neither were expenses like day care. If you need to modify a support order, contact a Lawrenceville attorney to learn more about your options.

Most child support arrangements are affected by this new law. In some cases, the level of support increases. In some cases, it decreases. However, the formula for determining child support is much more complicated than it used to be. Lawyer Chris Adams can help you find out whether or not you should pursue a child support modification.

Can I Get A Child Custody Modification?

Modifications are only granted when there has been a “significant change in circumstances.” Certain changes can strongly affect parenting-time arrangements. For example, you may be able to modify your child custody order if:

  • Either parent moves, making visitation difficult
  • Either parent gets a new job and work schedule
  • Either parent becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • A teenager expresses a strong preference to change the order and it is in the child’s best interest
  • A child becomes enrolled in a different school district

There are many other possibilities. Any circumstance that interferes with each parent’s ability to follow the child support agreement may be grounds for a modification.

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