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Attorney Christopher T. Adams

Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Fighting Underage DUI Charges In Gwinnett County

People under the age of 21 are fairly new drivers. They are still learning the rules of society. They often get a break for their youth and inexperience. “He just didn’t know.” But not when it comes to underage DUI charges. Driving under the influence is taken very seriously in Georgia, and especially harsh rules exist for those under 21.

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Don’t Talk To The Police

If you have been arrested and have given a blood or breath test to check your BAC or blood alcohol content, a level of .02 is a violation of the law for drivers under 21. (The level for other drivers is .08). The consequences you face are no slap on the wrist. You face fines, loss of your license, community service and a criminal record.

If you have refused the breath test you will lose your license for a long period of time, but there may be other evidence that is enough to convict you anyway.

Police can lead you to think they sympathize with you and that you can talk to them or trust them. It can be very tempting. You have nothing to gain by doing so and everything to lose. Talk to a lawyer and have one present with you if you are questioned by the police. You have a right to do so, and to defend yourself.

Speak To An Attorney

Even if there is strong evidence against you, you may be surprised at the possibilities. You still have rights and must be treated fairly. Your attorney can negotiate for reduced charges or penalties for you. Attorney Christopher T. Adams has deep roots in the community and a strong commitment to his clients.

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