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Attorney Christopher T. Adams

Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Underage Drinking Really Is A Big Deal

Drinking may be a big part of youth culture and a staple of college campus life, but in the eyes of the law and the schools, the legal drinking age of 21 still means something.

A conviction for minor in possession, attempting to buy alcohol or drinking and driving can have disastrous consequences for juveniles and young adults. In addition to license suspension, these offenses can have serious ramifications for education and employment.

Charged With An Under-21 Alcohol Offense?

The Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., has defended many underage clients of Gwinnett County and throughout the north metro area of Atlanta. For a free consultation, call 800-582-0304.

You can also learn more about Chris Adams‘ practice and representation of youths charged with underage possession of alcohol by reading this recent article he is quoted in.

Minor In Possession Of Alcohol: What You Need To Know

Under Georgia law, underage possession of alcohol is a misdemeanor crime. The potential penalties for minor in possession (MIP) may include:

  • Jail
  • Automatic six-month license suspension (first offense)
  • One-year suspension for a second offense before age 21
  • Fines, community service and probation
  • Higher car insurance rates

If an under-21 driver’s license is suspended, there is no option for a limited license to drive to school or work.

There can also be trouble at school, such as suspension/expulsion, loss of scholarship or loss of athletics eligibility. Veteran defense lawyer Chris Adams handles both criminal proceedings and school disciplinary hearings arising from alcohol use by middle or high school students.

As an experienced Lawrenceville attorney, Attorney Adams works to get charges dismissed or reduced or to make sure the punishment is appropriate. He is prepared to take the case to trial to protect the future of a young person.

We defend other alcohol-related offenses:

  • Under-21 purchase of alcohol or use of a fake ID
  • Under-21 DUI (.02 blood-alcohol content)
  • Open container
  • Furnishing alcohol to a minor

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