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Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

We help defend against drunk driving charges

As a previous post on this blog covering a recent arrest of a pop star in Georgia on suspicion of DUI stated, not every drunk driving case is one that a person is going to want to just enter a quick plea of guilty and the move on with life. For one, even a first time DUI with no special circumstances can lead to serious and far-ranging consequences.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, there are some situations in which it just would not seem right to enter a guilty plea to a drunk driving charge because the person did not actually operate a vehicle while intoxicated. Sometimes, a breath or blood test is simply not accurate or there is some sort of mix up or error in the process that calls the result in to question.

At other times, as was the case with pop star, there may be some question as to whether the driver really was drunk at the time he or she was driving the vehicle. Not all erratic driving is because of drunk driving, and in some cases, there may be good reasons to believe that a person was not actually driving while intoxicated or above the legal limit, even if they later had an accurate blood or breath test sowing intoxication.

In short, there are many reasons why someone living in or passing through the greater Atlanta area may believe himself innocent of a drunk driving charge. People in this boat, however, will likely want to get an experienced attorney on their side to help them evaluate the charge and figure out the various strategies and options available to them.

In this respect, our law office, which has operated in Gwinnet County since 1992, has successfully represented clients throughout the Atlanta area in their contested DUI cases. We are very familiar with the way various courts operate in the Atlanta area as well as other aspects of the legal system, and we can use this knowledge to help our clients get a favorable result for our clients.


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