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Pop singer faces DUI charge in Georgia

Pop singer Aaron Carter publicly denied that he had engaged in drunk driving on Georgia’s roads after being arrested for and charged with DUI in a county about an hour north of the Atlanta area. He did admit that he had marijuana in his vehicle at the time of his arrest. Carter says he uses the drug to treat his anxiety and explained that it was not affecting his driving the evening of his arrest.

According to Carter, he decided to buy a car that was in bad shape rather than have to rent a vehicle. It turned out that the car he purchased had a bad alternator and was not able to keep running.

He said after he could not get the car to run, he waited with the car for the rest of the evening and then went to a local auto parts store in the morning. He said that police approached him while he was in the store and arrested him for DUI. His girlfriend was a passenger in his vehicle.

Supposedly, someone had called the police about his reportedly erratic driving, which is why the police located him at the auto parts store. Carter did not deny the possibility he may have swerved, but he attributed any erratic driving to his malfunctioning vehicle.

While the singer’s marijuana charge may be heading to some sort of resolution through a guilty plea, it seems from his statements that he intends to fight the DUI charge he faces in an effort to avoid the possibility of a license suspension and other serious penalties.

Like other states, Georgia takes DUI very seriously, and prosecutors will not hesitate to ask for harsh penalties even for a first-time offender. It is therefore important for someone who feels he or she has another side to the story to speak up. This is best done with the help and advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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