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Attempted robbery leaves one dead

Many Georgia residents utilize Craigslist to locate items at a reasonable price. Choosing to meet a stranger to complete a transaction, though, can be dangerous. Anyone who chooses to utilize Craigslist should proceed with cation. One Augusta, Georgia woman is claiming that she was attacked during a recent Craigslist transaction.

The woman from Augusta brought her boyfriend along when she went to inquire about a car advertised on Craigslist. She claims that she became the victim of an attempted robbery. The statement to the police indicated that two men pulled out a gun and demanded money. Instead of relinquishing her cash and credit cards, she pulled out her gun. One alleged robbery was shot and killed during the exchange. The other alleged robber fled the scene and is still not yet found. The couple left the scene in her vehicle and went to a nearby gas station. While there, the call was made to the local police. The name of the woman and her boyfriend are being withheld at this time.

In the state of Georgia, robbery is a serious crime. Stolen items that total $500 or more is classified as a felony. This charge may still be classified as a felony even when no items are stolen during the course of the attempted robbery. If convicted, these charges can have serious consequences that include prison time and fines.

Defending one’s self, too, could lead to criminal charges. It may be claimed that the victim acted with too much force or did not have reason at all to take action. Like robbery, a conviction for doing this could result in significant penalties.

If charged with robbery, or any other crime, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel. Effective counsel will challenge the evidence in an attempt to get the charges dismissed or reduced. If this is a first offense, there may be additional options available.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, “Woman kills would-be robber,” Nov. 25, 2015


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