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What information is on a traffic ticket?

You may consider yourself a good driver. You tend to stick to the speed limit, follow traffic directions and drive in a conscientious and safe manner. You do not take any thrill in potentially putting yourself or others in harm’s way by driving recklessly.

Because you do your best to abide by the law, you may have no idea what to do when an officer pulls over your vehicle. You may search your mind trying to think of any mistake you made behind the wheel, and in the end, the officer may have issued you a ticket for speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign. You may believe that the officer made a mistake, but instead of arguing with the officer, you may want to have your day in court.

Ticket info

Because you have never received a ticket before, you may not know what it includes. The information on your ticket can play an important role in your future traffic court case, should you choose to pursue one. Typically, tickets will include the following information:

  • A description of your vehicle, including the make, model, license plate number, color and registration number
  • The violation that the officer believes that you carried out
  • The vehicle code section that you allegedly violated
  • The time, date and location of the alleged violation
  • The officer’s name, badge number and signature

After receiving your ticket, you may find it useful to thoroughly review the included information. You may even want to research the area of the vehicle code that you allegedly violated. Also, you may find it prudent to point out any incorrect information included on your ticket. While this step may not mean the court will drop the ticket, it could have some impact on your case.

Fighting a ticket

Even if it is your first ticket for a traffic violation, you have the right to defend against it if you see fit. Information on your legal options may help you as your case moves forward. Additionally, it may be wise for you to enlist the help of a Georgia attorney experienced in traffic laws. This legal professional could help you understand the issued citation and your defense options.

You do not have to sit back and accept a traffic ticket and its consequences, especially if you do not believe that you deserved the ticket.


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