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Vandalism charge could have lasting impact

Have you or a loved one been accused of vandalism? Vandalism can be defined in two ways in Georgia, as criminal trespass or as criminal damage to property. If the damage caused by vandalism exceeds $500, it could result in a felony charge. Most wouldn’t consider vandalism a felony, but it can be tried that way in this state.

For this reason, a vandalism charge could have a lasting impact on a person’s life. Vandalism is often thought of as graffiti, or some other large display on another’s private property. However, vandalism accusations could emerge from a variety of ways, including any alleged intentional trespass and damage to property. Think of this, a person could be cutting through a neighbor’s backyard and accidentally step through their pool cover, blowing a hole through the top. This could be considered vandalism if the neighbor decided to press charges.

There are also special clauses in state law regarding trespass and defacing of any grave marker, monument, or memorial to one or more deceased persons who served in the military service, or monuments and plaques memorializing the nation or military service.

Vandalism is considered a theft & property crime and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s as much a criminal charge as shoplifting and can even be charged as a felony. A single act of vandalism could have a huge impact on a person’s future. Often, young people are accused of vandalism, so it’s important to take the charge seriously and have the right legal guidance on your side.


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