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How does one respond to DUI charge after breath test?

Everyone has obligations and responsibilities in their life. What happens when the unexpected occurs? How does it impact those responsibilities and obligations one already carries? If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI after a breath test, you could be facing consequences that could impact your ability to meet your existing obligations due to the consequences from a DUI charge or a conviction.

There is a big difference between a DUI charge and a conviction. A conviction would mean that a court of law deemed a person guilty of this crime, while a charge means a person has only been accused of a crime. A formal charge is really only the beginning of the criminal process for the defendant. To avoid a DUI charge from turning into a conviction, one will want to build a criminal defense strategy.

In reality not every charge can avoid being turned into a conviction. However, for those that believe their charge could be lessened or was made in error, building a criminal defense may not only be advised, but necessary. It could prevent an unnecessary conviction, criminal record, and all the potential punishments that can follow from DUI conviction. Some of the potential consequences could include license revocation, fines or even jail time.

Each person’s situation, when it comes to allegations of drunk driving, is different. Understanding the charges before you can help to begin the process of defending against them. Responding to a DUI charge in the best possible way can help guide the case towards a fair resolution.


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