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Large Gwinnett county bust leads to two arrests, drug charges

Law enforcement’s focus on drugs and drug-related crimes has really increased in recent years. There are many reasons behind this and public safety is always a concern. For two men, a large drug bust was made in connection with their traffic stop in Gwinnett county. Additional contraband was allegedly found at the accused man’s home in the area.

According to reports, this particular drug bust was known as one of the largest in Georgia history in terms of the amount of heroin seized as it reached into the millions of dollars in street value. Investigators also claimed to have located methamphetamine and cocaine in the bust. The two men arrested in possession of the illicit substances are both charged with intent to distribute and other drug charges may be pending. Several organizations are taking credit for the bust including the DEA, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Georgia State Patrol and Lilburn Police.

The initial contact between officers and the accused was initiated in a traffic stop. From there, probable cause was established to search the men’s homes. Nearly half a million dollars in cash and an AK-47 was also confiscated in the search and seizure. According to reports, authorities hope to make related arrests in the coming weeks as the investigation is on-going.

Meanwhile, the two men are facing serious drug charges related to their apprehension and the evidence alleged to have been found in their possession. Due to the volume of drugs and money alleged to have been found and confiscated on their person, the pair could face very serious consequences if convicted of intent to distribute. The amounts on a person are relevant in sentencing for drug crimes as it can certainly make sentencing more severe.

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