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Credit card theft is considered a form of identity fraud in GA

Credit cards and other forms of electronic payment continue to become more and more popular. Cash is almost becoming an obsolete form of payment with the ability to pay with plastic or to even swipe your phone, watch or other electronic forms of payment. With the influx of ways to pay with both credit cards and debit cards, access to those types of payments have become more widespread and common. If you or a loved one has been accused of credit card theft or another related crime it’s good to understand state law on the subject.

Georgia has state laws that equate credit card theft with identity theft. Identity theft involves the taking of another person’s credit card information without permission and making charges to the account or removing funds from it. A person’s credit card could be physically taken or the account numbers and required sensitive information could be acquired in another manor. Instances of credit card and debit card fraud are on the rise in Georgia and all around the country.

Many are not aware that credit card fraud is a form of identity theft. Identity theft is a much more serious crime and often has more serious consequences than would regular theft due to its ties to federal law. A person could have acquired a person’s credit card number and other sensitive information from another party or could have come into possession of it on their own. Any instance of the unwarranted use of a person’s credit or debit card could result in a theft & property crimes charge, specifically related to identity theft.

Due to the increase in instances of credit card fraud, regulations have tightened in recent years and punishments have gotten more severe. If you or a loved one is charged with a credit or debit card theft-related crime, it is important to understand how serious these charges can be. A conviction can have a lasting impression on a person’s life in the short and long-term. If accused of such a crime, one shouldn’t take the charges lightly.

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