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Man faces drug offenses after police rescue dog in car

People who are facing allegations of drug offenses in Georgia must be aware of the potentially serious consequences they will face regardless of the circumstances. If it is a person who has been arrested previously, it becomes even more imperative that they know what they are confronted with. In some cases, the drug charges can arise as law enforcement is investigating another issue. Having legal assistance for any arrest for charges linked to drugs is vital and should be first and foremost on the person’s mind.

Law enforcement was called when a person saw a dog locked inside a hot vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. When they arrived at around 4 p.m., they were unable to test the heat in the vehicle, so animal services were called. They freed the animal and in the process, the officer saw marijuana. The driver of the vehicle and a companion returned at around 5 p.m.

The officer found that the man had an arrest warrant. A person who was with the man was interviewed and the marijuana in the vehicle led to an extended search. In addition to the marijuana, there was cocaine, a loaded gun, digital scales, more marijuana, and cash. The woman was cited for cruelty to animals. The man was arrested for the warrant and now faces felony charges related to the weapon and drug possession as well as intent to distribute.

Drug offenses are treated very seriously and those who are arrested on charges related to them can lead to extensive penalties including fines and incarceration. The situations in which the arrest is made can vary widely and with that comes a variety of avenues to lodge a defense. These must all be considered to craft that defense in the case.

In this incident, the man who was arrested had a felony warrant and was caught. Since this evidence was uncovered under unusual circumstances with the vehicle being broken into to save a dog, there might be a foundation to challenge how it was found. Perhaps the person made a mistake and there are alternatives available to avoid the harshest penalties. Speaking to an attorney who is experienced in helping clients who are dealing with a litany of criminal defense cases can be crucial to a positive outcome.

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