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Law enforcement in Georgia cracks down on drunk driving

Drunk driving charges can have serious repercussions for individuals facing them. Authorities throughout Georgia are cracking down on drunk drivers and are making a number of drunk driving arrests. When a suspected drunk driver is arrested, he or she must go through a set of tests to confirm this suspicion. And a defendant facing a DUI could challenge the results of a field sobriety test and a breath or blood test.

Based on recent reports, the Georgia State Patrol, which is posted a couple of hours east of the Gwinnett area, made 319 drunk driving arrests and has made the arrests a priority. Law enforcement are watching for drivers who are speeding, driving to slowly, weaving between lanes, stopping too far in advance of a stop sign or stopping too far into an intersection. Drivers accused of drunk driving can face significant penalties and serious consequences associated with drunk driving charges. It is important for individuals accused of drunk driving to be aware of the different types of evidence related to drunk driving charges that may be used against them.

Authorities may use evidence such as breathalyzer tests, blood alcohol content tests, field sobriety tests, statements from witnesses or the observations of police officers and other types of evidence as well. What is important to note is that criminal defense options are available to anyone facing criminal charges, and it may be possible to challenge the evidence being used against the accused individual. Defendants should assess the evidence involved in the case and the different criminal defense strategies available to them.

Because of the serious nature of drunk driving charges, it is important that individuals accused of drunk driving are armed with their options. A strong criminal defense strategy may help them with many of the concerns they are left facing following drunk driving charges.

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