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Understanding the complexities of family violence

This blog recently discussed that some Georgia area domestic violence shelters are full through the holidays. Domestic violence can be a difficult problem to address in communities and families and it is important that individuals on all sides of an alleged domestic violence incident understand the resources and help available to them. While it can sometimes be unpleasant to discuss, domestic violence accusations can be both serious or, at times, made for purposes other than a genuine concern for safety.

Because the legal process seeks to protect those experiencing domestic violence and those accused of it, options are available to all parties involved in a domestic violence dispute. The consequences of a family violence incident for individuals accused of domestic violence can include removal from the family home, being required to remain away from the family, as well as additional potential penalties and consequences. When a protective order has been granted, removing the accused individual from the family home and ordering them to stay away, additional criminal charges, penalties and consequences are possible if the accused individual violates the protective order.

In addition, a protective order may be extended so it is important for both individuals involved in a family violence incident to be familiar with the options available to them. Individuals accused of domestic violence have the option to demonstrate the alleged incident did not occur, was not as described or is not likely to occur in the future. Additional criminal defense options may also be available to the accused individual.

Family violence can touch many different types of families and occur in many different types of circumstances. It is important for all parties involved to be familiar with how to address domestic violence issues and how the legal system can serve as a resource and help them.


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