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Georgia commissioner faces domestic violence charges

Family violence is a serious issue with a significant impact on families and communities. A Georgia commissioner is facing domestic violence charges following an alleged recent incident at his family home. He was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery. According to the police report, the domestic violence incident arose when the commissioner’s wife attempted to take his cell phone and call a female contact stored in his cell phone’s address book.

The commissioner was accused of grabbing and shoving his wife. He recently appeared in court and was released on a $2,000 bond. His wife was with him during his court appearance. Domestic violence accusations, allegations and charges may present a sudden interaction with the criminal justice system for certain individuals, and may negatively impact an accused individual in a number of different ways, including criminally, as well as affecting his or her career and family life as well.

Whenever an individual has been accused of a crime, important protections exist requiring that certain procedures to be followed, and that certain rights belonging to the accused individual are protected. Individuals accused of domestic violence are no different than any other person accused of a crime, and should be familiar with the legal protections available to them, their legal rights and how to protect those rights and utilize their legal protections.

Family violence is an unquestionably serious concern for entire families involved in an alleged domestic violence incident. When an individual has been accused of domestic violence, it represents a threat to their freedom and future, which is why it is important they are familiar with their legal options.

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