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Woman arrested in Georgia for multiple drug charges

Individuals accused of drug crimes have protections they should be aware of and not forget. In a Georgia community under two hours north of the Gwinnett area a woman who worked at a daycare is facing drug charges for allegedly selling drugs in the parking lot of the daycare facility where she was employed. The 28-year old woman was recently arrested and charged with multiple drug-related charges including the sale of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possessing or manufacturing drugs near a school, as well as additional charges.

According to police, the woman was arrested following an undercover investigation. Authorities, stating they were already aware of the woman’s alleged activity, reportedly received information concerning alleged drug-related activity that was supposed to happen on a particular day which resulted in an undercover investigation of the woman. According to authorities, the woman was planning to sell $50 in methamphetamine to a customer but two undercover officers were there in the customer’s place.

For the protection of individuals accused of crimes, including drug charges, there are important procedural requirements police and authorities must follow when investigating or arresting an accused individual. When those requirements are not met, and procedures are not followed, it may be possible to challenge the charges the accused individual is facing. Statements from witnesses that lead to certain police activity must meet certain standards and accused individuals cannot be entrapped into criminal activity, for example.

Procedures and requirements are in place throughout the criminal justice process for the protection of accused individuals. It is important that accused individuals are familiar with these protections and how they may impact their criminal defense and criminal defense strategy.

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