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Four arrested in Georgia on drug charges following search

In a nearby Georgia community a couple hours northwest of Gwinnett, four people were recently arrested on drug charges. Two men and two women were arrested on drug charges after authorities allegedly found an indoor marijuana growing operation while serving an unrelated warrant. Police arrived at the residence looking for a wanted man and, according to police, one of the men later arrested on drug charges agreed to a search of the home.

Authorities allege that during their search they found bud grinders, blunt rolling papers and cash sitting where three of the individuals who were arrested were sitting. In addition, they allegedly found smoking devices, a handgun and a large amount of cash sitting on a shelf behind a bar of the home. Police also allegedly found drug paraphernalia, smoking devices and a double-barrel shotgun. A detective noted that they found two live and growing marijuana plants under an active grow lamp in a back bedroom of the residence and two vacuum sealed bags that contained the remnants of marijuana in another back bedroom.

The individuals were charged with possession of marijuana and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. In addition, the two men were also charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, possession of Adderall and possession of a firearm or knife while attempting to commit a crime. The two women were released from jail while the two men remain in jail on a $21,000 bond each. The consequences of drug charges can be steep which is why it is important for individuals facing drug charges to be familiar with the rights available to accused individuals. Important requirements and procedures surround search and seizure activities by authorities that accused individuals should be aware of.

When the rights of an accused individual, guaranteed through the criminal justice process, have been violated by activities of authorities or a failure to follow proper procedures, it may result in significant challenges to criminal charges the accused party is facing. Individuals facing criminal charges should always be familiar with their rights designed to protect them when they have been accused of a crime.

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