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Former Georgia running back faced with drunk driving charges

A former running back for the University of Georgia was recently arrested on driving under the influence charges. The former football player spent the night in jail as a result of the drunk driving charges he is facing. A year ago, the running back was facing similar charges for DUI, possession of marijuana, reckless driving and speeding. It was unclear if his 24-hour confinement in jail was for the previous arrest. The former Georgia running back also played in the NFL and recently lost his three-year-old son in a tragic accident which led to a dispute concerning burial of the boy in Georgia.

Drunk driving charges can turn the life of the party facing them upside down in an instant. Potential penalties for drunk driving are serious and can include jail time, the loss of a driver’s license and fines. Additional penalties may also be possible and individuals accused of driving under the influence can face additional consequences in their personal and professional lives associated with DUI charges.

Receiving a drunk driving charge can be overwhelming which is why it is important to remember that individuals accused of crimes enjoy protections as well and have important rights they should be aware of when facing criminal charges. Procedural and other types of protections protect accused individuals when they have been charged with drunk driving or some other type of crime. One of the most important rights and protections accused individuals have is the right to present a defense against the charges they are facing.

A strong defense strategy has the potential to alter the outcome of being charged with a DUI, or when facing other criminal charges, in a variety of ways. It is tremendously important for individuals accused of a crime to understand their criminal defense rights, how to exercise them and how they may help them when faced with criminal charges.

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