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Georgia domestic violence report shows increase

Domestic violence can be a community problem and is a concern for all parties involved. The past year was a particularly difficult one for domestic violence in Georgia, including in Gwinnett. An annual report presented by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Coalition against Domestic Violence revealed that domestic violence-related deaths were up. Gwinnett County tied Chatham County for second on the list for highest number of domestic violence-related deaths, while Fulton County had the most.

Domestic violence is a difficult and oftentimes complex issue that can present many challenges. Regardless of the type of domestic violence an individual is accused of, all those charged with any crime have the right to defend against the criminal charges they are facing. Typically, there are many parties involved in a domestic violence incident, which is why there are a number of different types of support and help for victims of family violence and individuals involved in family violence incidents.

Criminal defense options are available to individuals accused of domestic violence crimes. It is important to keep in mind that individuals facing domestic violence allegations have the same protections all individuals accused of any criminal charges enjoy, which includes protections associated with police procedures and criminal defense rights. Domestic violence is an unquestionably difficult issue that can be difficult for an entire family.

Because accusations of family violence are taken seriously, a number of resources are available to aid those involved in situations of family violence. It is important for individuals accused of domestic violence to be familiar with the resources available to them through the criminal justice process.

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