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Multiple drug arrests made at Georgia concert

This blog recently discussed the seriousness of drug charges in Georgia. At least 8 individuals were arrested in Georgia recently on felony drug charges by undercover authorities. Undercover agents allegedly purchased LSD and heroin at a rock concert in Georgia, which led to the arrests. Several law enforcement groups, including state and federal law enforcement, were involved in the undercover arrests. Authorities reported that they purchased various illegal drugs at the concert.

Because of the serious consequences and harsh penalties associated with drug charges in Georgia, when a person is accused of a drug crime including drug possession or selling drugs, it is important to always be familiar with sound criminal defense strategies to respond to the drug charges. There are several criminal defense responses that may be available to individuals accused of drug crimes, depending on the situation and circumstances. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the right to defend against criminal charges is always available to any individual accused of a crime.

Those accused of a crime may be able to challenge the arrest if authorities did not follow proper procedures or did not have an arrest warrant if one was required. Additional criminal defense options may also be possible, including entrapment in certain circumstances or by challenging the evidence being presented by authorities. A strong criminal defense strategy will take into account all of the circumstances surrounding the drug arrest.

It is important to begin preparing a criminal defense response and strategy promptly following an arrest for drug crimes. The right approach may help an individual accused of committing a crime in a number of important ways, so it is important to understand criminal defense rights.

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