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Drunk driver charged with child abuse

Driving while under the influence can have serious ramifications. One Michigan mother is facing serious charges after a night of drinking and driving. Both she and her husband are now facing drunk driving and child abuse charges for the incident.

The husband and wife duo went for a naked drive on U.S. 127. The woman left her child and naked husband at a rest stop. The woman continued to drive her SUV while police tried to pull over. When she finally stopped, she fled the scene on foot. When she was finally apprehended, she was arrested. The following charges have been levied: drunk driving, fleeing police, indecent exposure and child abuse. At this time, the woman and her husband are both still in jail.

Drunk driving is a serious offense in the state of Georgia. A DUI in Georgia is charged when there is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08. Drivers under 21 are charged with a DUI if a BAC level of .02 is blown by a suspect. Underage defendants may face fines, loss of a license, community service and a criminal record.

Though public opinion of this woman may be harsh, she and her husband is still entitled to a defense. Every defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The purpose of legal defense is to ensure the constitutional rights of the accused is protected while minimizing the impact of all the allegations. Experienced legal counsel can help clients to navigate the legal system when faced with these charges.

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Sherriff: Woman held for driving wrong way while drunk, naked,” May 6, 2015


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