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Man who allegedly climbed ladder at fire scene faces drug charges

When firefighters arrive at the scene of a fire, there are a variety of things that are normally expected. Scared individuals that need to be rescued and a fire that is burning out of control are all things that are commonly found at the scene of a fire. Georgia firefighters allegedly encountered a new scenario while fighting a recent apartment fire.

A local apartment building was in flames when firefighters arrived at the scene. While fighting the fire, a man was allegedly observed climbing a 24-foot ladder. The ladder was positioned against the second floor of the apartment building. Police officers said they viewed the man on a second floor balcony that had been badly damaged by the fire and water. Batallion Chief Greg Gray said he was perplexed by the man’s decision because the structure had sustained a lot of damage and was unsafe for an individual to walk on.

Police officers on the scene arrested the young man. He was charged with possession of drugs when less than ounce of marijuana was reportedly found. It is unclear if drugs played a part in his alleged decision to climb the ladder. The charge of drug possession of less than one ounce is classified as a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. If convicted, the penalty is up to $1,000 and a year in jail.

Defendants facing a charge of drug possession may want to seek legal counsel to defend against these charges. Whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, a conviction could result in serious consequences for a defendant and can negatively affect an individual’s ability to make a living. An aggressive defense strategy may be needed to counter the case made by the police and prosecution.

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