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Georgia doctor faces drug distribution charges

Physicians generally have the public trust. When an individual is in pain, he or she visits the doctor to find relief. Any prescriptions that are given are believed to help, not harm the patient. One Georgia physician, however, is having his reputation called into question after facing drug charges.

The doctor has been charged with one count of conspiracy and six counts of drug distribution. The charges were leveled in Biloxi,Mississippi. It is alleged that the physician visited the casinos of the city about six times a year, where he befriended casino employees. During the course of the friendships, he wrote the workers prescriptions for hundreds of pills Even though the physician is not licensed to practice medicine in Mississippi. His alleged criminal activity is believed to have taken place between 2009 and mid-February 2014.

This federal case of illegal narcotics distribution is set to go to trial January 26, 2015. In addition to the physician, two other casino workers also faced charges related to these drug allegations. One was charged with intent to distribute hydrocodone, while the other worker was charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Both of these men plead guilty and accepted plea agreements from the government.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, the physician will have to rehabilitate his reputation. Serious charges like drug trafficking carry potentially heavy consequences. Defendants may wish to seek strong legal representation with the experience to navigate the criminal justice system. Whenever possible, a defendant should seek to have charges dismissed or reduced.

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