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Buford man arrested on drug charges

While driving on the highway, every driver hopes to never hear a police siren indicating the need to pull over. Traffic stops can be a source of great stress for both the driver and passengers in the vehicle. If the officer decides to go beyond a routine traffic stop and request a search of the vehicle or the driver, there may be concerns that the constitutional rights of the individuals are being violated.

Recently, a 20-year-old man from Buford was arrested on a drug charge. The charge was brought after an officer stopped the man’s vehicle for suspicion of driving under the influence. The Athens-Clarke County police officer stopped the driver on East Washington Street. The young man was charged with DUI possession with intent to distribute marijuana. This charge resulted because police allegedly found marijuana in the man’s vehicle at the time of his arrest.

With the push to legalize marijuana in the United States, many take criminal charges related to marijuana lightly. However, in the state of Georgia, possessing just one ounce of marijuana constitutes a felony charge. A felony charge can have devastating and long term effects on a defendant’s ability to work in the future. News of marijuana possession can also devastate an individual’s reputation.

When a defendant is faced with these charges, it is important that they have a good criminal defense in place. A criminal defense attorney will advise the defendant of their rights and do what is necessary to beat or mitigate the penalties that may result from these drug charges.

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