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Woman arrested for drunk driving, dancing behind the wheel

Dancing is a great way to spend an evening out on the town or to show-off your moves at a wedding. However, a car is generally not the best venue for such an activity. After running off the road and into a raised lane divider, a driver was stopped by the police recently in Georgia. The driver’s response to the officer’s questioning was that the erratic driving was due to dancing while driving.

Apparently, a female driver ran a red light in the intersection of Busbee Drive and Chastain Road. Before running off the road, the driver was observed weaving through traffic. Once stopped, an officer detected alcohol on her breath and noticed that her eyes were red and glazed. The driver admitted to one margarita. A field sobriety test was administered but she refused to take a breathalyzer.

Once the results of the test were revealed, the female driver was driven to Cobb County Adult Detention Center. She was arrested for failing to maintain her lane, running a red light and driving while intoxicated. Her mother came to the scene to take possession of her Acura while she was taken into custody.

The license of the Acura driver was taken as a result of the arrest. A seized license is one of the many consequences that can occur after a drunk driving arrest. It is unclear if this is a first offense for the female driver. A solid criminal defense go a long way towards protecting your future after an arrest, especially if it involved a breath test refusal. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise defendants of all pertinent legal rights after a drunk driving offense.

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