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4 common misconceptions that can cause drunk driving charges

Myths about drunk driving can raise the rates of drunk driving charges. Drunk driving can lead to incarceration, fees and a criminal record. 

People can avoid drunk driving charges by understanding some common misconceptions. Here is what you should know:

Myth 1: Using breath mints can help avoid drunk driving charges

A breath mint, gum, mouthwash or breath freshener can hide the smell of alcohol. However, it can not prevent a drunk driving charge. It may increase the odds of facing criminal charges. That is because breath freshening products often contain some alcohol, which can raise a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) reading. 

Myth 2: Sucking on a penny can help pass breath tests

Chemical breath tests are one of the ways the police will gather evidence to prove a driver is drunk. People have tried to circumvent these tests in many ways. One such way was sucking on a penny. However, there is no evidence of this ever working. 

Myth 3: Drinking coffee can sober people up

Coffee has the ability to wake people up, make them more focused and make them feel less drunk. That does not mean coffee can make people sober. Once alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed into the body. Time is the best way to make people sober.

Myth 4: Driving below the legal limit is safe

While the legal driving limit in Georgia is 0.08%, driving below this limit can still lead to drunk driving charges. Alcohol affects people differently. A small amount of alcohol can still make someone act recklessly. Their actions behind the wheel and the consumption of alcohol can lead to a drunk driving charge. 

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, then it can help to reach out for legal guidance to learn about your defense options. 


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