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What happens after an arrest for driving without a license?

The ability to operate a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. The Georgia state government imposes numerous restrictions on licenses, including educational and testing requirements. After certain serious traffic infractions or repeat offenses, the state government may suspend or even revoke a driver’s license.

Some people will continue driving when they know they do not have access to a valid license. Sometimes, people never get a license but think that they can drive because they are now legal adults. Other times, someone forgets to renew their license and continues to drive because they don’t believe that anything is amiss. Oftentimes, those who do not currently have a valid license will continue driving out of necessity.

What happens if someone gets pulled over while driving on a suspended license?

They will likely get arrested

In many cases, police officers will take someone into State custody when they realize they do not have a license to drive. In cases where someone simply forgot to have their license on their person, they would have to pay a fine to resolve the matter. Not having a license when driving could mean that someone gets arrested. However, if they can later provide their valid license, the fine they face will typically be just $10.

If someone does not have a valid license at all, then they may face criminal prosecution. Most of the time, such charges will be misdemeanor offenses. A first offense could lead to between two days and 12 months in jail. The driver will also need to pay a fine of up to $1,000. They will potentially lose their license for another six months as well. The jail time and fines increase with repeat offenses. Someone with three prior offenses could face a felony charge and potentially lose their license for life.

People can fight traffic offenses

It is quite common for those accused of criminal offenses, including traffic infractions, to Simply plead guilty. However, they are then at the mercy of the courts regarding the sentence. Those who want to preserve their driver’s license, avoid jail or minimize the fines they have to pay may want to mount a comprehensive defense strategy in response to claims that they violated a major traffic statute, possibly by driving without a license.

Learning more about how Georgia responds to people driving with a suspended license can help someone who is facing penalties decide what steps to take next with the aid of an experienced legal professional.


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