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Can you cheat a roadside DUI breathalyzer test?

No one wants to lose their privileges and savings because of DUI charges. Unfortunately, that is the eventual outcome for many charged with drunk driving in Georgia.

A conviction for a first-time offense typically leads to:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Costly fines
  • Community service
  • Suspended driving license
  • DUI education course completion

Many residents believe they can trick a roadside breathalyzer test with a few cheats. Unfortunately, most of these cheats do not work—time is the only reliable way to metabolize alcohol and pass a DUI test.

Put pennies in your mouth

Theoretically, the copper and zinc pennies contain cause a chemical reaction in the mouth that can fool a breathalyzer. In reality, sucking or chewing on pennies does nothing to trick a properly calibrated and maintained breathalyzer.

Hold your breath or hyperventilate

According to BACtrack, hyperventilation may or may not lower your blood alcohol concentration reading. However, it will probably leave you dizzy and light-headed, two signs of intoxication the police watch for. As far as holding your breath, BACtrack states it could actually cause your alcohol reading to rise.

Have a mint or use mouthwash

Mints, breath fresheners and mouthwash may mask the smell of alcohol on your breath, but they cannot trick a breathalyzer test. Using mouthwash and breath fresheners may increase a breathalyzer reading because many contain alcohol.

Does anything fool breathalyzers?

Not really, and not in any predictable or reliable way. To overcome DUI charges, you need to create a sound defense. It also helps to learn as much as possible about Georgia’s drunk driving laws. With professional guidance, you may avoid a conviction by focusing on legal issues like police errors and lack of reasonable suspicion (for the DUI stop).


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