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Will rehab help you avoid a DUI conviction?

You smashed your vehicle into some parked cars on a downtown street and tried to get away. But your car remained stuck in the wreckage. In no time at all, police arrived and arrested you on a DUI charge.

Definitely, a serious mistake that could have long-lasting ramifications on your life. With the possibility of jail, probation, fines, restitution along with the loss of your driver’s license and vehicle, you do not have many options. But a good start would be to enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program, showing a sincere effort on your part.

Perhaps an ultimatum or court order

Whether you enroll in treatment is not always up to you. Your employer may give you an ultimatum: sign up for rehab, successfully complete it and keep your job, or get fired if you do not. And if a court convicts you of a DUI charge, the judge may order you to swiftly register for alcohol treatment.

Granted, things will be uncomfortable in rehabilitation. The sessions will get personal as counselors and family members get you to reveal long-held secrets that may have led to your depression and alcoholism.

May work in your favor

However, the benefits of rehabilitation are many. The sessions and treatment may successfully result in you no longer relying on alcohol. And another important benefit is that enrolling in rehabilitation may prevent you from going to jail and allow you to keep your job.

It actually may work in your favor to enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program soon after an arrest. Doing so will show a judge and prosecutors that you are making a determined effort to improve your life and put this incident in your past.

Just may get charge reduced or dismissed

An attorney can guide you through this process step by step. And upon completing alcohol rehabilitation, not only may a judge reduce or dismiss the DUI charge, but you also gain a new outlook on your life. Do not look back.


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