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What does it mean to be on probation?

People who are facing criminal charges must ensure they understand the possible sentences they’re facing. While many people focus on incarceration, it’s often possible for people to avoid having to spend months or years behind bars. 

Probation is one of the options the court has that keeps people out of jail or prison. A person on probation is supervised by an officer who checks whether the person is complying with program terms. 

What are the terms of probation?

The terms of probation vary based on the program and the case. Most probationers will have to check in with their probation officer at the office. The officer will inform the person what terms they must comply with. Typically, these include:

  • Hold a job
  • Have stable housing
  • Pay fines and fees to the court
  • Pay for the probation program
  • Stay out of legal trouble
  • Submit to required drug testing 

Other conditions may apply to certain people on probation. Once the probationer knows the terms of the program, they can face a violation if they fail to comply. This results in them having to stand before a judge to determine what’s going to happen. Some probation violations can lead to the person being sentenced to incarceration, but there might be other options the judge chooses to utilize.

Once you know that you’re facing a criminal charge, you should get started on your defense strategy. In some cases, part of that strategy might be minimizing the sentence you’re facing. Whether you’re considering a plea deal or want to take your case to trial, working with someone who can help you determine your options is beneficial.


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