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Can you bring marijuana into Georgia?

Georgia has not yet legalized recreational marijuana. This is a common trend in many different states right now, but Georgia has not budged on the law. Recreational use is still prohibited and you cannot simply buy marijuana products at a dispensary, the same way that you could if you were in Colorado or Michigan – or numerous other states

However, if you still want to use these marijuana products that are legal elsewhere, you may consider going there to obtain them. You could then bring them back to Georgia, and you may assume that doing so would be legal. After all, you drove yourself to a place where you could follow the law and make a legal purchase, so it seems that you have solved the problem. But could you still face charges?

There are two main problems

You absolutely could still face legal charges for something like this, and there are two reasons. The first is that the authorities in Georgia do not care where you purchased the products. Having them within the state is still illegal, so they can arrest you for that, even if you tell them that you didn’t break any laws at the time of the purchase.

The second issue is that marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. As such, selling it over borders or crossing state lines with it in your possession is also illegal. Driving back from another state could get you into legal trouble, and you are also prohibited from flying with these products.

If you do find yourself facing drug charges, always make sure you know about the defense options at your disposal.


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